Sam Myers

Devops Engineer


I'm a software engineer who loves Go, continuous integration, containers, and quality tests. I love to learn and devote much of my time to reading up on the latest tech trends, frameworks, and security vulnerabilities.

Work Experience

DevOps Engineer

Conduit Ventures | 2018 - Present

  • Set up Kubernetes cluster and CI/CD pipelines
  • Managed CI/CD pipelines across multiple projects
  • Contributed to project, infrastructure, and test code as needed

Automation Engineer

Portworx | 2018

  • Lead development of an orchestration system to set up Kubernetes clusters on our internal VMWare infrastructure
  • Wrote GoLang automation to test stateful containers
  • Helped customers debug and write examples / POCs to move their workloads into Kubernetes

Operations Engineer

Rally Health | 2017

  • Wrote orchestration for ephemeral development environments and simple promotion through to production
  • Wrote POC to remove manual work surrounding on-call credentials for engineering teams
  • On-call rotation and sysadmin tasks as required

DevOps Engineer

Health Fidelity | 2016 - 2017

  • Set up Kubernetes cluster and deployment procedures
  • Worked with product teams to deploy onto the new environments

Quality Automation Engineer

Health Fidelity | 2015 - 2016

  • Owned Core Data Services quality and continuous integration pipeline
  • Spearheaded Health Fidelity’s move to container-based environment and wrote the initial POCs
  • Wrote integration tests and feature code as needed


Terraform Provider

Open Sourcing in progress

A cloud provider did not have a Terraform provider and we wanted one. I wrote an API client by reverse engineering their website and turned it into an idiomatic Terraform provider. It is in the process of being open sourced.

On-Demand Container Clusters on VMWare


We needed the ability to flexibly create Kubernetes & DC/OS clusters in an on-premise environment. I reimagined the process as a single easy-to-use tool and lead the development. It has become better than I could have hoped and is under active development by a multi-person team.